extraordinary results.

all starts with taking ten.
it’s a lifestyle

own your day; take ten.


about our lifestyle platform

“energy and persistence conquers all things”


at take ten we’re commited to supporting you in creating a lifestyle
no more waiting for monday, no more procrastination, no more on- and off- the wagon.
We’ve created a system that dives into the needs of the busy, modern individual with creating a YOU-FIRST concept.
Health-care practitioners, moms, travellers, girl-bosses, students, instructors, etc. all need some TLC.
you so often put the needs and wants of others in front of yours - and as a result - your own health(mental and physical) suffers.

there is no- ‘right time’ to start and we’ve created this TEN minute movement so you can get into action, commit to something and fill-your-cup so you show up BESt for those you are supporting. TAke ten is a resource for self-care.