self-care starts with just
10-minutes a day

designed for ambitious, modern humans to feel their best and own their life.


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It’s a lifestyle

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our innovative online fitness + MIndset app are made up of effective bite-sized sessions that provide transformative results so you can commit + remain consistent while creating your dream life.



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I’m Meghan, so excited to have you here!
I’m a international Fitness Trainer and Mindset Coach, travel-lover, and wellness aficionado. 
I never-say-no to dark chocolate, avocados, or prosecco.
I’m also absolutely obsessed with all things minimalism, bio-hacking and helping people live their best life; effectively!
When I’m not creating for- and working on our lifestyle platform, you can find me having good times with loved-ones, exploring, or enjoying a bubble bath to unwind.



What we offer


an endless variety of effective 10-minute workouts to keep your fit lifestyle fun, and inspiring.

we have yoga, pilates, barre, boxing, HIIT training… and so much more.


10-minute sessions to reset your mental wellness and retrain your brain to thrive on positivity, Get you in-action, and on track to creating your most productive, and limitless life.
*we have guided meditations too

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what clients are saying

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Working with Meg means being supported by someone who is genuinely passionate about helping you. Whether it’s working on your fitness or life goals she will do it all with the best playlist, fun up-beat classes, a laugh and the biggest smile.

- Emilie C.


Feeling empowered and excited. Humbled, and happy. The dreaming mind has been flowing so much. My biggest thing I’ve learned is the power of consistency, with the transformative practice you’ve created.

- Charlene J.

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